Preparing African and UK talent for the future of work

Over the past 5 years, eWorker has assessed the skills of over 10,000+ software engineers in Africa. We noticed a significant knowledge gap with some of the engineers who were unsuccessful in our assessments, so we’ve decided to do something about it – eWorker Academy!

Our Engineers built for:

The Problem

Fundamental learning gaps

Research has shown that many junior and aspiring Software Engineers in Africa lack basic knowledge, skills and guidance that’ll help them become top software developers. Despite a strong willingness to learn, little support and education means progress is seldom made.

Our Mission

Arming Africans with the necessary skills needed to compete globally

Despite having one of the largest talent pools in the world, Africa still has high rates of unemployment. eWorker Academy aims to produce over 1 million skilled software engineers within 10 years by offering globally recognised and accredited course materials through our online learning platform.

Our programme

A globally recognised certification in 6 months

Our curriculum is in-demand and covers current key industry skills and knowledge.

only the best

Expert Instructors

Our faculty comprises of quality U.K. instructors considered leaders in their respective fields.

gain in-demand skills

Certification from Top UK Institutions

Successful students earn a Diploma in Software Engineering from renowned U.K. institutions and top global technology companies.

Commited to empowering Black and African tech talent

Over the past 5 years we have assessed the technical skills of over 16,000 African software engineers and gained valuable insights which have helped shape our courses ensuring maximum success.


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